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About DSC

Mission: Develop our athletes and clients to be leaders in life, in sport, and in the weight room. 

Our Motto is “Athletes First”. This means two things: (1) The athlete is our first priority. An athlete is a complex person who has more going on in their life than just sports. We make sure to help build the whole person through our coaching. (2) These individuals are athletes first before their particular sport. For example; he or she needs to be an athlete before they are a basketball player. Making sure we stay in this role we deliver to the Sport Coach a more well-rounded athlete who will then perform better in practice, absorb and master new skills faster and more efficiently, be less prone to injury, and ultimately go further in their athletic career.  

What Our Clients Say About Us

My first summer with coach Nate and Jovon have been unreal. They push me really hard, they know what they're doing and they know how to get the best out of each person...keep working hard.

Cross Hanas

Portland Winterhawks

2020 NHL Draft #55 Detroit Redwings


Coach Nate Henry and Jovon were my trainers this summer to help me physically prepare for the upcoming hockey season at Notre Dame. We trained 5 days a week all summer and I was able to make immense strides as an athlete and hockey player. Nate and Jovon enabled me to excel every day by facilitating a motivating and competitive atmosphere. We always fed off each other’s energy in the weight room that I believe is essential to making measurable improvements!

     As a division 1 athlete Nate was adept in providing me the means to gain an edge over the competition- through calculated exercise routines that matured my athletic prowess. Nate is knowledgeable, passionate, and committed. I commend Nate’s character as a person and believe he is a great trainer fit from kids to elite athletes. I thoroughly enjoyed my summer working out with him and I look forward to joining forces once again next offseason!

Solag Bakich

Notre Dame


I worked with Coach Nate and Jovon for a couple months this past summer. When I came in I weighed 210, my feet were stuck in quick sand and I had about 13-14% body fat. When I left I weighed 195, increased my overall quickness and agility tremendously, and was around 10% body fat. No one out works Nate and Jovon. The speed and strength training they provide ss not only specific to my sport but specific to me. Their mentality is infectious and I left to return to my team with more strength and speed then I ever had two great friends who would do anything for me. Thanks Nate and Jovon!

Reed Robinson



Coach Nate and Jovon have a very well organized program that works all areas needed to exceed wherever you are playing. They form relationships with their athletes which allows for more growth in the strength and conditioning aspect. They have flexibility in their workouts which allows for them to adjust based on your needs. Personally, it allowed me to be healthy and strong for the season. The workouts they offer tanslate a lot to the workouts that you do at junior and college programs. Overall, the program helped me develop my speed and strength. Nate and Jovon work extremely hard for all of their athletes and it shows in the results that their athletes produce.

Chase Yoder
2020 NHL Draft #170 Pittsburgh Penguins


Getting stronger and building confidence up on the ice have always been my main goals. Coach Nate has not only helped me to do that but also gain weight in pure muscle mass with nutritional recommendation and a very tailored training regimen. Benefits have been noticeable in my ability to compete with college teams while still in high school, enough to compete with college teams.

Ty Smilanic


2020 NHL Draft #74 Florida Panthers


I want to be the best athlete I can be. I need to be strong to be able to hold myself up after landing, well versed so that I can make it though a season without getting hurt. I want to do everything in my power to be the best athlete I can be; working with Coach Nate is my foundation for achieving that. DSC is great and allows me to show team mates how hard I have been working on my own and in the facility with Nate.

Chris Corning​

Team USA Snowboarding

2018 Winter Olympian


Nathan Henry is one of the Top Sports Performance Coaches in Colorado. I wanted my Cherry Creek Hockey Teams to get stronger and keep that strength throughout the season. I also wanted a Strength Coach who the players can relate to. Nate checks those boxes as well. Very pleased with the amount of improvements in our teams and look forward to a long relationship. Our summer testing advances were amazing with all of our players improving immensely. Big benefits as the program included strength to prevent injuries. Nathan Henry has established himself as one of the top Sports Performance Coaches in Colorado for a good reason. He is constantly modeling the best training for each individual and team needs. In addition the Henry Performance App can connect Nate to players and teams to keep up the training while not in person. I feel very fortunate that Nate trains my teams and is also such a tremendous person.

Jeff Mielnicki

President/Director of Operations/Head Coach at Cherry Creek Hockey Association


I work with DSC to stay in shape and improve my strength and condition during basketball off season. My goal is to be able to peak during the middle of the season and play at a high level. From my two off seasons, I’ve seen great improvements in my overall balance, stability, power, strength and conditioning. It has been beneficial to be worked, but not overworked so I can last an upcoming season and I owe that to DSC. Nate has been a great coach who pays attention to detail and develops a training regimen for each individual. I absolutely love how my physical strength has helped my game.

Ghassan Nehme


Nate has done an excellent job on training our athletes here in Dallas!!!! He has specifically worked with my son Cross Hanas and has done an excellent job building his Speed, Power and Endurance.  Cross has improved so much under Nate's training and he is ready to take his game to the next level!!!!! Nate will take your athlete to a whole new level of training !!!!!

Trevor Hanas

Head Coach-DSEHC 11U Boys

Head Coach-Texas Tigers 14U Boys

Scout-Portland Winterhawks

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