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Elite Athlete Training Week

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Elite Athletes Train Consistently

A typical training program will take athletes from a general physical prep phase which targets basic movement proficiency, muscular endurance and size. From there as the season progresses the athletes will go into a strength phase and finish with speed/power so they are at their peak as they go into playoffs. The only way this plan can be effective is if the athletes complete each phase fully. Without training consistently and frequently this doesn't work.

The Ideal Week

Let's assume the team has multiple games on the weekend and their first game is Friday...


We need to get the brain and body back together after a big weekend. We expect the athletes to not have a whole lot in the tank but one of the best ways to fill it up is to get back to work. Today's focus is to stimulate, not annihilate. We will do enough to wake things up again but allow for a lot of recovery.

Movement Training: Agility and change of direction. Keep the range of motion somewhat low (no big sprints). Keep intensity moderate, about a 7/10 rating of perceived exertion (RPE Scale).

Duration: 10-20min

Strength and conditioning:Upper body focus, with lower body stability

Set and Rep Range: 3 Sets of 5-8 reps

Intensity: 7/10


Tuesday will be a big day. We need to get the nervous system back up and running at a high level.

Movement Training: Acceleration and speed mechanics. High intensity, 85-100% tempo.

Duration: 10-20min

Strength and conditioning: Full body in the weight room and yes, we are going big on the legs.

Set and Rep Range: 3-5 Sets of 3-5 Reps

Intensity: 8-9/10

If conditioning needs to be done this is the day to do it. Keep your focus on the anaerobic system which means go fast, not far. I would suggest bursts of no more than 30 seconds (even that may be too much for most athletes), rest at least 3x the length of your work. For example: Sprint hard for 15 seconds, rest for at least 45 seconds. This is a 1:3 work to rest ratio which is important because in order to go fast you need fuel in the tank. Refilling the tank takes time. Without the right amount of rest and just going again and again you may actually be training yourself to be slower, not faster.


Active Recovery Day. Key word; active. Our intent here is to allow for some recovery from the previous day but that doesn't mean that we don't still have work to do.

Movement Training: Light plyos and med ball throws.

Duration: 5-10min

Strength and Conditioning: Full body

Set and Rep Range: 3x5-8

Focus will be stability/mobility. Remember, this means being strong throughout your full range of motion so it doesn't necessarily mean easy. Total workload will be low, recovery will be stimulated so you feel good tomorrow.


We haven't forgotten that game day is tomorrow. We need to get your system ready for more work over the next couple days. So, we need to make it work the right way.

Movement Training: Same as Wednesday

Strength and Conditioning: Full Body

Set and Rep Range: 2-3x3-5

High intensity/Big Rest

Friday (Game Day)

Prior to team warm ups come in, get ready, and do some high intensity work for a very short duration. This can be heavy squats (I do not recommend for the younger groups 07 and below, only experienced 06s and older) or big plyos.

Team warm ups should be run as stated in the last email. Links for warm up videos are below.

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